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  • Is your organization affected by injuries and illnesses that impact operators’ ability to work?
  • Are back, neck and shoulder pain common complaints voiced by your drivers?
  • Do the physical aspects of their jobs affect your mechanics and support personnel?

InjuryFree can help!

Our experience with injury prevention, onsite rehabilitation and health and wellness in the transportation sector uniquely qualifies us to be your provider of choice. We understand the specific challenges transportation companies face in maintaining a healthy workforce and shape our services to meet these challenges head-on.

From early intervention and task-specific conditioning programs that target drivers’, mechanics’ and support teams’ specific aches and pains, to health and wellness services that help operators maintain their medical examiners certificates, InjuryFree is an asset and valuable partner to your organization.

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InjuryFree offers solutions, services and support that help companies improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and lower worker’s comp costs.

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