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Sitting is said to be the “new smoking” and for employees that sit for work there are myriad associated health risks. Among these risks are posture-related low back and neck conditions, headaches and upper extremity overuse issues including carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.


Whether it’s medical illness or a muscular-skeletal condition, the risks that sedentary workers face can prove to be costly when left unaddressed.

InjuryFree’s cost-effective solutions can help!

Our Virtual Ergonomics service is an effectively identifies workstation risk proactively, and implements solutions quickly, without the expense of costly onsite ergonomic consultation.


With access to our Virtual Ergonomists, your team members have the early intervention solution they need to manage their health, comfort, and ultimately their productivity, from a proactive standpoint.


From simple but effective education-based solutions around the proper use of existing office equipment and basic workstation stretches to ergonomic product recommendation, our virtual ergonomics service is a proven way to save your firm money and to keep your team healthy.

As a complement to our Virtual Ergonomics program, our proprietary ErgoStat software provides robust reporting that supports data driven decision making and a user-friendly interface with access to educational content libraries , and contact forms for ergo assessment requests and referrals. In the more rare instances where onsite consultation is warranted, we’ve got that covered too!

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InjuryFree offers solutions, services and support that help companies improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and lower worker’s comp costs.

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