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Washington Mutual Bank (WAMU)

An InjuryFree client for 11 years, WAMU’s 60,000+ employees benefitted from their access to InjuryFree’s team of Virtual Ergonomists.

This national company enjoyed a 30% reduction in workers compensation claims as a direct result of reducing workplace ergonomic risk, after implementing the Virtual Ergonomics program.


California Teachers Association (CTA)

Since 2009 CTA has benefitted from InjuryFree’s Virtual Ergonomics program and proprietary ErgoStat software. CTA has effectively reduced ergonomic risk for its seasoned staff as well as for its new hires by incorporating these programs into its orientation and onboarding programs.




Expedia Group

With 15,000 employees at a centralized location in Washington State, this site has experienced decreased workplace risk and reduced its workplace injuries by using InjuryFree’s onsite ergonomic consulting and risk assessment services.

A primary focus of the InjuryFree program at Expedia has been on early intervention, using ergonomic product implementation and education to address associates’ pain early, preventing it from developing into more challenging and more costly conditions.




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