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Why Tele-Health Physical Therapy?


Insurance Deductibles are an expensive reality in today’s healthcare. Your typical out-of-pocket cost for a single PT visit can be $85 to $100, or more, until your deductible is met, and $20 to $40 per visit thereafter. The cost for even a short course of physical therapy, typically six to eight visits, can therefore add up quickly.


Tele-health physical therapy reduces your per-visit cost of care and reduces the number of times you need to engage with your therapist, provided you follow through with your tele-health PT’s education and suggestions. A course of tele-health PT is designed to involve between only one and three consults.


No insurance? No problem! Tele-health physical therapy is offered as a self-pay service at a discounted rate to make it affordable


Time spent getting to and from PT, as well as time in the clinic, becomes burdensome, especially doing it two to three times per week. With virtual PT you don’t even need to leave the house. Tele-health PT consults are also shorter in duration than clinic-based visits and average between 15 and 30 minutes.


Experience matters and your virtual PT has it. Specifically, your virtual PT understands the root causes of your condition and your pain, and will make sure you do too. The assessment of your condition will enable your virtual PT to know the specific stretches and exercises you will need to be successful. Your virtual PT will keep it simple but effective so your self-care time commitment is minimal.

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