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Tele-Health Physical Therapy

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Why Tele-Health Physical Therapy?


Why should you wait for an appointment when you need one now? Get an appointment within 1 business day, if not a same-day appointment! With Tele-Health PT you no longer need to wait for a clinic to have availability.


No drive times, concerns for parking, or having to be in a crowded clinic environment. Having your appointment from the comfort of your own home, office, or wherever you happen to be provides you with unparalleled convenience, on your schedule!


Our physical therapists have the experience to assess your condition and effectively troubleshoot it remotely.


Do high deductibles and co-pays pose a barrier to you getting the care you need? Telehealth physical therapy is designed for efficiency, providing you with the education and tools you need to successfully manage your condition and reach your goals with a minimum number of consults.

How Does It Work?

  • Determine what you need
    • Quick, 15-minute consult to troubleshoot a minor issue, i.e. relatively minor ache or pain with recent onset.
    • 30-minute consult to address a semi-complex condition, i.e. an issue that has progressively worsened or that simply won’t resolve after a few weeks to a few months.
    • Comprehensive, 60-minute consult to discuss a long-standing, chronic complaint that perhaps involves additional related issues.
  • Schedule your consult
  • Read the welcome email
    • This includes information about your consult and quick forms to fill out prior to your consult.
  • Enjoy your visit!
  • Schedule your follow up visit
    • Once you determine what your plan of care is with your physical therapist, you can schedule your follow up visits.

Meet Our Physical Therapist

Laura Bogh DPT

Laura received her physical therapy degree from the University of Washington in 2009.  During her career as a physical therapist she has worked with a wide range of patients and healthcare providers. The patient populations include business workers, manual laborers, elderly people, athletes, and others in the context of workers compensation claims, chronic pain, sports injuries, injury prevention, and post-operative rehabilitation. Laura has teamed with primary care providers, specialty care doctors, nurses, and case workers, as well as surgeons who care for Seattle’s professional sports teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for a consult?

Payment for your consult occurs through PayPal when you schedule your visit.

Can you bill my insurance?

InjuryFree does not bill your insurance.  However, we are happy to provide you with the necessary paperwork to submit to your private insurance carrier for reimbursement. Exception: we are not able to provide this paperwork for beneficiaries of Medicare, Medicaid, government sponsored insurance plans.

How do follow up consults work?

In your initial consult, you and your physical therapist will determine what your follow up plan is.   Follow up consults are booked according to the plan you and your therapist agree upon.

How do I connect with my therapist?

You will need an internet connected phone, computer or other device that has a camera, speaker and microphone on it.  We use Zoom for the video conferencing.  The welcome email will explain how this works.

Will I need any physical therapy equipment?

For your initial consult, no therapy equipment is needed.  If your physical therapist recommends equipment, you may purchase it in our online store or at a retailer of your choice.

What if I have a question between visits?

We are here for you!  You are welcome to send messages to your physical therapist via email.  Please keep in mind that e-mail communications are of course for questions and concerns that can be addressed with relative ease and are not intended to be substitutes for Tele-health consults.
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