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Do your team members perform repetitive tasks that result in pain? Do they perform exceptionally heavy tasks? Is your organization experiencing too many sprains, strains and overuse injuries?

Let InjuryFree help!

From heavy industry to light manufacturing, our proven methods reduce the impact of repetitive activity and its influence on muscular-skeletal disorders.


Ranging from at-the-workstation education-based solutions to care delivery in our at-the-job site Employee Maintenance Centers, our early intervention approaches ensure your workforce maintains its health and productivity by addressing pain early.

Coupled with our ergonomic risk assessments and risk reduction strategies, along with our post-offer essential functions testing, our prevention services are a proven mechanism to keep your people and your workplace safe. In what become rarer instances where injuries do occur, the Employee Maintenance Center doubles as your onsite physical therapy clinic, dramatically reducing the cost of care and claims. With an intimate knowledge of your facility’s specific job demands, our rehabilitation professionals are uniquely positioned to return your team members to their jobs with the physical capabilities necessary to perform them.

Our Expertise

Our team’s robust experience in manufacturing environments includes injury prevention, early intervention and onsite rehabilitation with clients including

  • Paper manufacturers
  • Feminine hygiene products manufacturers
  • Industrial safety product manufacturers
  • Aerial Platform Manufacturers

Our Clients Results

Our Services

InjuryFree offers solutions, services and support that help companies improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and lower worker’s comp costs.

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