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Functional Capacity Evaluation

In the same spirit as essential functions testing for new hires and job transfer candidates, how do you know a team member’s capabilities when returning to work after an extended period away from the job?


What if you’re questioning her ability to do her old job, or any open job in your company?

A Functional Capacity Evaluation is a physician-ordered, comprehensive exam that objectively measures one’s functional capabilities. When done correctly it identifies and accounts for the influence of client self-limitation.

It tests functional abilities including balance, squatting, crouching, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, grip and pinch strength, sitting, standing, forward bending, overhead work, stair and ladder climbing, and more.

A Functional Capacity Evaluation can also be customized to test employer-specific and job-task-specific functions identified with a functional job analysis.

Benefits of Functional Capacity Evaluations:

  • Allows physician to make expedient and objective return-to-work decisions
  • Allows physician to write work restrictions from a position of objectivity
  • Eliminates employees’ subjective reporting relating to perceived capabilities
  • Enables InjuryFree job placement team to quickly identify job matches based on tested functional abilities and job analysis data

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