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Essential Functions Testing

Is your organization hiring its next work injury?  Is your organization setting its new hires and itself up for success?


We’ll help you verify that your prospective team members are able to do their jobs safely.  Our post-offer Essential Functions Testing verifies your candidates possess the physical attributes to do the jobs they are about to begin.

Post-offer screening is an essential, pro-active component of any safety program and is an invaluable complement to post-offer medical exams.

In instances where candidates do not meet criteria per essential functions testing InjuryFree can, at your discretion, extend the opportunity for these candidates to work with our Employee Maintenance Center team to develop the physical attributes to meet job criteria, and re-take the Essential Functions Test at a later date.

Of the utmost importance is that your EFT’s are legally defensible, and ADA and EEOC compliant. Our process, beginning with Functional Job Analysis, ensures your organization is protected.

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