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I truly believe in my heart that without InjuryFree, I may have missed a lot of work this past year & that my quality of life would have been pretty poor. My husband has told me that he can tell a change in my health & attitude. I am not 100%, but I sure am happy with the results so far. I like that InjuryFree can answer all my questions and have been so helpful with my back issues.

Veronica Sheflo

Yard Crew Lead

I started with back muscle spasms in 1997, with different areas every 6-13 months. Finally in September of 2002 I got a very bad one. It comes out as a recordable injury. After the doctors gave me their drugs to cure the problem – NOT.  I went to InjuryFree [EMC] and started in October.  It is now January and I can stand up straighter. I no longer get the muscle pains and charlie horses. My back feels much stronger. Also, they have nearly cured my tennis elbow.  It has been about three weeks since they started to work on that. Thank you InjuryFree!

John Stanford

Stores Utility

When I started at InjuryFree [Employee Maintenance Center], I had to hold my head with my hand even to watch TV. My neck has improved so greatly that I no longer have to hold it up manually. Also had tendinitis in my right shoulder, front and back. The back of my shoulder was healed with InjuryFree support and we are still working on the front of right shoulder.

Rita Peterman

Converting Cleaner

With the help provided at InjuryFree [EMC] I have noticed an improvement.  I did have a lot of headaches and neck pain (grinding) when turning side to side.  Now I feel a greater range of motion and no more headaches.  After looking over the results I know why, thanks to InjuryFree.

Michael Wallace


I first came to InjuryFree [Employee Maintenance Center] when I had carpal tunnel surgery.  I received help with rehabilitation exercise and tissue massage.  The wrist braces InjuryFree provides are superior to any others I’ve had over the years.  After experiencing neck stiffness and pain that was interfering with my sleep, I started using the neck machine.  I t made an incredible difference in the strength of my neck and erased the wresting with my pillow at night.  Ben also helped me find an orthopedic pillow that I ordered from the catalog. I began using the back machine and have noticed much less back strain.  All in all my experience in InjuryFree has been very positive.  The staff is professional, yet friendly.  I’m going to miss this benefit a lot when I retire.

Lynda Elwood

DRC Operator

At the start of the InjuryFree program [Employee Maintenance Center] I was having significant pain in my left shoulder and pain and muscle tightness in my neck when turning my head.  At this point my shoulder pain is gone as a result of InjuryFree and the discomfort in my neck is significantly better.  I’m still working with InjuryFree on that.  The program has helped me ergonomically with work at my desk and my posture in general is much improved.

Craig Parker

Training Leader

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