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Do sprains, strains and overuse conditions affect your team’s productivity and your organization’s bottom line? What if they could be prevented?


When team members experience pain they typically have two primary options to address it; file worker’s compensation claims or access their private health insurance benefits. Both options are typically unattractive to team members for a variety of reasons.

Too often, team members are left exercising a third option; do nothing and hope the pain resolves on its own. When it fails to resolve team members become less productive and are at significantly higher risk of injury.

Our at-the-job site early intervention programs give team members a fourth option. With access to licensed healthcare professionals in state-of-the art facilities, your associates have effective solutions to address their pain, at their fingertips.

See how our Results are helping companies reduce work place injuries.

Early intervention makes it very easy for your team members to take personal responsibility for their health by removing the barriers to their accessing the care they need. The result is healthier, more productive team members with lower risk for workplace injury.

InjuryFree offers two early intervention solution models

Traditional Service

Premium Service

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