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InjuryFree was founded in 1997 with the recognition that as healthcare costs spiraled upward, the value to recipients and to employers paying for health insurance was too often trending downward. The end result: employees in pain were less productive and more likely to be hurt at work.

InjuryFree saw a better way to do it, proactively, that keeps employees working and productive, all while providing a far better return on investment to employers than that of our reactive traditional healthcare.

For two decades InjuryFree developed and perfected unique, at-the-jobsite care delivery models that dramatically reduce work place injuries while meeting the budgetary needs of employers, large and small.

With a track record of success in injury prevention, InjuryFree also incorporates wellness and disease prevention in its service line, recognizing that the absence of health significantly impacts productivity and employers’ bottom lines.

The InjuryFree key pillars of safety:

  • Bio-Physics – the physical attributes necessary to perform the job safely
  • Ergonomics – the workplace being set up for safety and efficiency
  • Education – the understanding of how to do the job safely and efficiently
  • Awareness – a state of safety-minded consciousness

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