Onsite Health Clinics aren’t just for the Fortune 500

An Employee Maintenance Center is like a tune up center for your body. It a cross between a health club and a medical center.” ~ Trent Shuford – CEO InjuryFree

EMC-North-Bend-1It’s not only companies like Sprint, Toyota, U.S. Steel and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. that can afford on-site clinical wellness services. Companies like these have thousands of employees in one location where full-blown on-site medical services generate a return-on-investment. They can afford the initial set up costs in the $1 million and above range with operating costs of another million or more annually. But that’s much more than most small, mid-size, and divisions of large corporations can afford or is practical.

There are however, affordable on-site solutions for companies and branch plants with 200 to 1,000 workers that improve employee health, increase productivity, and reduce healthcare and workers compensation costs.

Onsite Wellness and Injury Prevention Clinics a Growing Trend

The reasons are simple. With ever-increasing healthcare and workers compensation costs, companies are starting to own their employee health program. Further, according to Sean Sullivan, CEO of the Institute for Health and Productivity Management, “On any given day, companies experience an estimated 15 percent productivity loss because of health problems.” For these reasons, onsite wellness clinics are on the rise in corporate America.

The National Business Group on Health conducted a survey of large companies in 2013 that found 44 percent have on-site clinics with another 9 percent in the planning stages. A Mercer survey a few years ago found that one-third of employers with more than 500 employees offered on-site or near-site health clinics.

By providing work-site healthcare, companies can streamline the delivery process by adapting it to their unique needs. For example, a manufacturing facility that incurs predominately ergonomic related injuries can choose a work-site solution that addresses that need. Mercer Lead Clinic Consultant, Bruce Hochstadt, MD agrees, “The on-site clinics provide an opportunity to restructure the delivery of health care and align the interests of employers, employees and providers.”

Hochstadt, MD continues, “Overall, clinics can save employers as much as 25 percent in employee health care fees over initial setup costs in their first year, and even more in the second year, as workers discover the clinic’s advantages.”

Employee Maintenance Center (EMC)

InjuryFree_Sprain_StrainAn Employee Maintenance Center (EMC) focuses on biophysical maintenance where workers who fall into momentary pain have solutions available that focus on:

  • treating the pain before it turns into a lost-time injury,
  • maintaining the healing process,
  • Injury prevention by improving employee strength, flexibility, endurance and nutritional health.

Musculoskeletal injuries are treated and healed by healthcare professionals using medical-grade equipment at your workplace.

Additionally, it includes an array of high-tech fitness machines (based on your unique workplace needs) to correct musculoskeletal weakness in workers to prevent further injuries. An employee can be biophysically tested for areas of weakness and, in just 15 minutes per session, have that area strengthened and fit for duty in as little as a few weeks. As a result, workers compensation and medical claim costs decrease while productivity rises.

We have several case studies including manufacturing plants of Fortune 200 companies that showcase the results that can be achieved within a short period of time. The results are a productive, fit-for-duty workforce as well as significant cost reductions.