Onsite Health and Fitness

Onsite health and fitness has emerged as one of the major workplace opportunities to reduce the risk of injuries over the past few years.  Increasingly, employees are complaining of body aches, reduced mental concentration and an inability to perform required job related tasks resulting in job absenteeism, high medical costs and often salary compensation costs.

Onsite health programs reduce the health risks faced by employees and employers. An onsite health program will increase productivity by routinely providing solutions that address an employee’s pain before it can escalate into a workplace claim.

Tapping the Full Potential

It is essential for corporate companies and industries to tap the full potential of their employees as the company targets high and sustainable revenues in the competitive global markets. Prolonged hours at a desk or labor intensive manual work, often under challenging conditions, can lead to serious health problems which undermine productivity and hinder utilization of your employees’ full potential. As health issues worsen, productivity declines resulting in increased company costs, poor products quality or services and a potential for catastrophic failures.

This is where onsite health and fitness programs can help your company. They ensure optimal health care for your employees by assisting them with health strategies in the workplace.  Employees who are empowered with a strategy for healthy work habits are more reliable workers.

Combating Workplace Induced Health and Fitness Disorders

InjuryFree helps its clients combat workplace induced health and fitness disorders in their personnel by providing specialized onsite health care services and strategies which work specifically to help employees enjoy better levels of health and fitness while performing their jobs.  There are numerous current medical studies showing that proactive attention to medical problems or injuries in the workplace is financially the most expedient management plan. Solving a problem before it becomes a serious employee or management problem ensures that the company remains safe and productive. The onsite health programs provided by InjuryFree help companies fight employee medical issues before they become a workplace issue.

Mitigating Compensation Costs and Increasing Workplace Productivity

happy and healthy employee performs better and is able to contribute positively toward the company’s mission.  Serious medical issues or chronic injuries have a negative impact on your everyday corporate success record. Every manager knows that an injured or sick employee leads to daily performance problems and frequent absenteeism. Injury Free can help!

Customized Health and Prevention Services by InjuryFree

InjuryFree takes pride in being a reliable onsite industrial/corporate health and wellness service provider. InjuryFree performs comprehensive health analysis of all the employees of the client company and develops personalized health plans to improve the strength and fitness levels in areas like the back, neck, shoulder, and hands, the key areas which are most affected due to long hours at a desk or an assembly station.  InjuryFree provides onsite physical therapy and fitness training to combat muscle tears and improve strength and flexibility. InjuryFree offers onsite services to help employees correct simple physical ailments thus preventing serious problems.

What’s more, InjuryFree provides education to employees on how to manage their health issues in the workplace.  InjuryFree can provide references from clients who have experienced greater productivity in the workplace due to InjuryFree’s customized onsite health services.

With InjuryFree, you can stay assured of receiving the best onsite health services for yourself and your staff members. We also provide a free Cost Benefit Analysis’ report to help you identify the risk factors associated with the health and safety of your workforce.

InjuryFree can be a partner in your success! Our services will help your employees be healthier and happier and assist in improving your workplace climate resulting in better revenues and reviews for your organization!