Why American Companies are Utilizing Workplace Health Centers for Employee Wellnes

With U.S. employers paying more than 36% more for healthcare than five years ago, many are choosing workplace health centers to cut costs while keeping their employees healthy. Workplace health centers contribute to not only lower healthcare costs but offer improved employee health, reduced downtime, higher productivity, and less lost time due to injury.

Consulting firm Towers Watson has reported through various studies that for every dollar a company spends on strategic health and wellness, two to three dollars are returned to the bottom line. And many companies are beginning to realize these savings and are looking to expand healthcare services in the workplace. According to Towers Watson, 25 percent of large companies already have some form of onsite health clinic. Another 12 percent are in the planning stages.

Healthcare Reform a Catalyst for Many Companies

Many companies are looking at workplace health centers in preparation of an overburdened healthcare system resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA will inject millions more patients into the healthcare system – an industry already facing deep workforce shortages. Add to that the $200 million in healthcare reform grants available to businesses who implement health and wellness programs and you can see why many executives are seriously looking at ways to maintain or save costs for the long term.  

Solving the Occupational Ergonomics Problem

Musculoskeletal injuries make up a third all injuries and illnesses in U.S. workplaces costing business billions of dollars annually. Additionally, a recent benchmark study found that ergonomic-related injuries can range from 24- to 75-percent of total workplace injuries depending on the work environment.

One lost-time, ergonomic-related injury can cost $30,000 or more including medical bills and lost time from work. (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, July 2012).

EMC-Picture-2An Employee Maintenance Center (EMC) is a workplace health and wellness system that operates as a standalone service or as an add-on to large organizations with onsite medical clinics. The EMC is a true prevention solution that identifies, treats, and reconditions musculoskeletal disorders in workers utilizing advanced biophysical testing procedures and state-of-the-art strength and conditioning equipment.

It is staffed by a Certified Athletic Trainer on-site to treat injuries and counsel workers on health and wellness awareness and is supervised by the EMC Program Director with a Masters in Physical Therapy. The EMC program has been developed over more than 15 years and contains best practices from outpatient physical and occupational therapy, professional sports, and the health club environment.

Additionally, the program utilizes our proprietary ErgoStat, a secure, HIPAA-compliant ergonomic software tool that assesses ergonomic risk and acts as a data management resource for office and industrial settings as well as Biophysical Risk Tracker software that identifies and reports on each employee’s risk of injury based on comparison to healthy population norms. Employee confidentiality is assured.

Benefits of the Employee Maintenance Center program include:

  • A healthy, well-conditioned workforce,
  • Reduced medical costs, health insurance premiums, and workers compensation claims,
  • Less downtime, lost time, and improved productivity,
  • Reduced absenteeism, reduced time spent at rehabilitation facilities, and a more energetic workforce,
  • Improved HIPAA and OSHA compliance.

Each solution is modeled on BEEA+, our simple, yet effective approach to injury prevention, which combines the principles of Biophysics and Ergonomics with Education and Awareness.

At InjuryFree, we combine health and wellness, safety, rehabilitation, and injury prevention into all of our programs with proven results. Our health and wellness solutions help all types of companies, from mid-size offices to heavy industry, reduce risk and prevent injury.

Contact us now and find out:

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