Do Onsite Health Centers Provide a Positive ROI?

SiStock_000014535452XSmallurprisingly, most employers (53%) are uncertain whether onsite health centers are providing a positive return-on-investment even though nearly 75% of executives have very high support for the centers, according to a 2012 study by Towers Watson.  High management support however, indicates that most executives believe onsite health centers achieve considerable reductions in health care costs, absenteeism and enhanced productivity and employee health.

“Even though internal support is high, companies are finding it difficult to get their arms around how to measure the ROI of onsite health centers,” said Dr. Allan Khoury, senior consultant at Towers Watson. “But that will come along in time. With employee health and productivity, and cost control, remaining paramount concerns, the future of onsite health centers remains very promising.”

The lack of a calculable ROI for many employers may be due to the lack of a comprehensive, preliminary cost-benefit-analysis (CBA). Over our 18+ years of providing corporate employee maintenance and wellness programs we have learned that to effectively measure return-on-investment, you must analyze the numbers from the start.

We’ve developed a free, no-obligation, 20+-page CBA that takes the customer on a statistical journey that explains, in detail; what types of injuries are occurring in order of incidence, the direct and indirect costs of those injuries, and the solutions that InjuryFree can provide to address those injuries through our onsite Employee Maintenance Center (EMC) program.

U.S. Employers Looking to Expand Onsite Services in 2013

The study also found that a significant number of U.S. employers with onsite health centers are looking to expand their scope of services within the next year in response to:

  • Rising healthcare costs
  • Competitive pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Workforce shortages in the healthcare industry
  • The value system of companies and their executives to place importance on the health and wellness of their employees.

APhysical Therapyn Employee Maintenance Center is an ideal addition to organizations with onsite health centers. The EMC is an ergonomic solution that identifies, treats, and reconditions musculoskeletal disorders in workers utilizing biophysical testing procedures and state-of-the-art strength and conditioning equipment.

Benefits of the EMC include:

  • A healthy, well-conditioned workforce
  • Reduced medical costs and workers compensation claims
  • Less downtime and improved productivity
  • A Certified Athletic Trainer on-site to treat injuries and counsel workers on health and wellness awareness – supervised by the EMC Program Director with a Masters in Physical Therapy.
  • The application of best practices from outpatient physical therapy, professional sports, and the health club environment.
  • Reduced absenteeism, reduced time spent at rehabilitation facilities, and a more energetic workforce.
  • InjuryFree’s ErgoStat – a secure, HIPAA-compliant ergonomic software tool that assesses ergonomic risk and acts as a data management resource for office and industrial settings.
  • Biophysical Risk Tracker software that identifies and reports employees’ biophysical risk based on comparison to healthy population norms.

While the majority of executives with onsite health centers may not be aware of their ROI, we understand that many organizations expect a return on their investment. Even if the decision for an onsite health center is predominately based on a company’s value statement, there is a monetary impact that should be considered through a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis in order to choose the best onsite option for your organization.