Just Sitting There? Move! Stretches You Can Do At Your Desk All Day

AiStock_000000334296XSmalllmost nothing can be worse for your body than sitting at a desk all day with little or no exercise or movement. You may take an hour lunch but your body is still sitting in virtually the same position for eight hours each day. Even if you have a regular exercise regimen for after work, it still doesn’t take the place of the inactivity your body experiences all day. This inactivity can cause a lot of stiffness and soreness, which often leads to injuries. Many of us don’t have good posture to start with and don’t need any help making it even worse, such as sitting all day in one position with little activity or movement.

Sitting at a desk all day working on a computer is hard on many parts of your body including your neck, upper and lower body, wrists, fingers, buttocks and hips. It’s not good for any part of your body to be in this type of position for that many hours each day. As much as we hear about ergonomics, and its importance in the workplace, too many people are still forced to be in one place for many hours in uncomfortable positions. Don’t let your sedentary job cause you and your body physical problems that you may not be able to cure. There are many effective stretches you can do while you’re sitting right at your desk. These stretches don’t take long to do, but they will help you to reduce stress and tension and increase your body’s flexibility.

Because most of us in office jobs spend a great deal of time hunched over our monitor screens, stretching our chest muscles is probably the most effective stretch we can do for our body. Although using a resistant band, which can be purchased at most sporting goods store, is best, there are other alternatives you can use if you don’t want to bring your band into the office or don’t own one. While in a seated position, grab the band and hold it over your head in a wide grip, bring your arms back, lowering them at the same time and stretching your chest for 10 to 30 seconds. This exercise will be quite effective if you do it a few times each day.

AiStock_000009462355XSmall great reliever of the stress and tension you feel from being hunched over your computer all day typing and staring at the screen is shoulder shrugs. Your neck and shoulders feel a lot of tension and stress by the end of the day, but simple shoulder shrugs will not only help them to relax, but are easy and fast and will improve your circulation. Although it may appear to you that you do shoulder shrugs all day without trying, they need to be done correctly. While you’re sitting at your desk, lift your shoulders up towards your ears. Squeeze them as hard and tight as you can, holding the position for one or two second. Do these shoulder shrugs approximately 10 times at regular intervals each day and you’ll feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable.