The Best April Fools of 2013

Today is a day celebrated for tom foolery and shenanigans. It’s the day when your milk mysteriously turns green, your paper clips are all linked together and your office is layered in sticky notes.

Big business isn’t skipping out on the fun either. Here are some fun ones that we found. Let us know what you think and vote on your favorite in the comments section below!

1. Google Nose Knows:

Ever wonder what wet dog smells like? Or maybe fear? Today (of all days) marks the launch of Google’s searchable smells. There aren’t any hit count results yet, but I’m anxious to see how many clicked on the beta test and then sniffed their computer screens.

Don’t worry. We aren’t there yet. Google’s joke is in fact a throwback to a 1965 BBC April Fools prank where the news station interviewed a cutting-edge inventor who claimed that viewers could smell his onion chopping and coffee brewing through their sets. A few even called in to say they had in fact smelled the scents coming through the TV. Nice try. The only thing we will be smelling from our digital devices any time soon is plastic.

2. What’s an April Fools Day on the internet without cats?

Vimeo, the online video sharing site, has been taken over by the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (say that five times fast). The plan? world domination through sheer cuteness. Because that’s really all anyone watches on the internet these days anyway, right?


3. The White House even got in on the fun today. features a special message from the president … OK, Kid President. The pint-sized politician of positivity has been taking the internet by storm, becoming one of this year’s most viral videos. Washington just couldn’t pass this one up, so the special April 1st message sent out on Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else today was run by the littlest internet sensation. Enjoy!

4. One of the best emerging businesses to pull a great prank was

The amenities booking site for one day only is giving customers a chance to compare prices among their favorite fantasy spots such as Mordor, The Shire, Narnia and Alice’s own Wonderland.  Clever friends, very clever.

Once again, Apple decided to skip out on the festivities in favor of a straight-laced approach. What are your thoughts on that strategy?

Either way, vote for your favorite below and let us know what you think!