More-Energy Monday

It’s Monday again!! Is everyone super excited?


That’s what I thought. Then I heard this interview with Noah Grady and my perspective changed a little bit. Maybe he can help you with your Monday moodiness.

When we jump back into the work week, we tend to get so caught up in work itself that we forget that there is a whole world out there waiting for us when we are done with the daily grind. This means that what we do at work can set us up for success or failure in every other aspect of our lives.

How well do you take care of yourself while at work? Or are you just a commodity to be used up and spit out at the end of the day?

“I work a lot of hours, a lot of extra shifts, and being able to go home and cut the grass that needs to be cut and being able to go home and be with my kids and take my kids for their driving practice or going to the park or whatever it is, taking  a kid fishing, having that capability is nice, it’s very nice.”

Noah is talking about the Employee Maintenance Center at his Kimberly Clark workplace in Conway, Arkansas.

The center helps employees develop and maintain the musculoskeletal fitness to do their jobs and do them well for many hours – 12 per day in Noah’s case. That little 15 minute break during the day also helps Noah to walk out of work injury free and with the feeling that he has not just been chewed up and spit out.

What are your strategies for staying awake, alert and energetic at work? Do you stretch in the office chair? Or maybe take a walk around the building a few times a day? Share your own ideas in the comments section.

After all, it would be a tragedy for Tuesday to feel like Monday morning all over again.