Workplace napping: It’s no pipe dream

You must have had just enough time now to really soak up all that Monday morning has to offer. As the prospect of leaving the office at 5 fades farther and father into the distance, pull up a pillow and lend an ear. You might be happy to hear that it is officially nap time.

In the pages of obscure holidays, March 11 is one to mark and remember. It is national napping day – and for good reason too.

How much do you think you cost your company in lost productivity when that afternoon slump hits? In one study, NASA pilots on trans-Pacific flights were asked to nap for 40 minutes, but really they only got an average of 26 minutes of shut eye. However, that little nap led to a 34% bump in improved performance and a 54% increase in alertness.

As workloads increase and at-home hours dwindle, companies are catching on to the benefits of the workplace nap. You might have heard of Google’s sleep pods and the Huffington Post’s championing of nap time. In fact, many companies across the nation (and the world) are discovering the glory of a nap.

The science is behind them too. For the gold standard on sleep studies and productivity check out Washington State University, Spokane’s research page. The National Sleep foundation has some pretty good information too – we want you to be completely prepared when you and your baggy eyes go in and plead with your boss for a quick nap break.

According to the Foundation’s poll:

  • 29 percent of those polled fell asleep or became very sleepy at work in the past month;
  • 36 percent have nodded off or fallen asleep while driving, with; 32 percent reporting that they drive drowsy at least 1 to 2 times per month and 26 percent drive drowsy during the workday;
  • 20 percent have sex less often or have lost interest in sex because they are too sleepy;
  • 14 percent have missed family events, work functions and leisure activities in the past month due to sleepiness;
  • 12 percent were late to work in the past month because of sleepiness.

So what are you waiting for? Set the cell phone timer and close your eyes. That Monday morning nap is no pipe dream!

What about these air pods from HuffPo? Talk about a workplace nap!
What about these air pods from HuffPo? Talk about a workplace nap!