InjuryFree Inc. Trim Costs, Increase Compliance With Ergonomic Solutions

Ergonomics testing and compliance can be painful. From the employee’s grimaces during the workday to cumbersome reporting requirements, businesses need an ally in the pre-emptive fight against pain claims. Ensuring that the daily, repetitive tasks in a work environment are not preceding a bigger health problem is a task that requires constant vigilance and more time than a human resources manager might have.

InjuryFree Inc. provides three distinct solutions to fit various workplace ergonomics monitoring needs. From cutting-edge software to telephone evaluations to site visits, InjuryFree Inc. has several options to fit various business needs.

Businesses have the flexibility of telecommuting an ergonomic assessment through InjuryFree’s cost-cutting Virtual Ergonomist System. Companies have shaved more than 80 percent off professional on-site ergonomics services through the Virtual Ergonomist System. While site visits can cost more than $2,050, a Virtual Ergonomist visit costs $750.

A certified InjuryFree Inc. ergonomist uses experience-led, pointed questions to asses an employees workspace by phone. With the results of that survey in hand, the InjuryFree Inc. professional suggests modifications and products tailored specifically to the employee’s needs. What follows is 90 days of access to tips, information and how-to documents as well as a 30-day follow up phone call.

However cost-effective the Virtual Ergonomist option might be, sometimes employee lists grow so large that the business needs an all-in-one solution. The ErgoStat Software System by InjuryFree Inc. brings everyone from the manager to the employee to the ergonomist to the same table where collaboration is streamlined.

A desktop dashboard compiles all the information on workplace ergonomic needs in one place, including information about in-process claims and intervention plans. The professional ergonomist can also subscribe to the software to easily manage a long list of clients.

Incident reporting is at the employee’s fingertips. One click notifies all those who need to act, before pain turns into claims. Employees are prompted to fill in a form documenting their discomfort. All documents are then available in one location for secure access by the ergonomics expert and any others who have a stake in the process. The dashboard gives an easy glimpse of issues, potential issues and the ability to delve into better statistics, putting the company in control of their human resources.

Quick action and documentation have been proven by ergonomics experts to be the best indicator of ergonomic intervention success.

Juggling multiple issues and meeting industry standards becomes a streamlined process with this one-stop ergonomics management resource.

For businesses who require a in-depth evaluation and a signature on government-regulated paperwork, InjuryFree Inc. can also provide professionals for site visits. Education, assessment and existing issue intervention are all part of the site visit package. Finally, the ergonomics expert will provide a detailed, HIPAA- and OSHA-compliant report, including all recommendations, ergonomic modifications, and education topics discussed.

These simple adjustments can save companies and their bottom lines from costly claims, heading off the problem before it arises.

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