OSHA Update 4.17.2012

  • OSHA issues memo on Safety Incentives Policies and Practices

    OSHA Act prohibits any discrimination from an employer against an employee reporting an injury or illness. OSHA issued a memo discussing certain policies that raise concern.

  • OSHA updates Hazard Communication Standard

    To increase protection for workers from hazardous chemicals, OSHA has revised its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), aligning it with the United Nations’ Global Chemical Labeling System (GHS).

  • OSHA seeks comments on How to Prevent Worker Injuries and Deaths

    OSHA is currently seeking comments on how to prevent injuries and deaths from reinforcing concrete activities in construction, and from vehicles and mobile equipment backing into workers in construction, general industry, agriculture and the maritime industry.

  • OSHA sends letters to employers with high injury and illness rates

    The Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Dr. David Michaels recently sent out letters to approximately 14,900 workplaces with high rates of days away from work, restricted work or job transfers in 2010. The goal of the letter: raise awareness that OSHA is taking a strong stance of employers with high-Incident/DART rates.