Pulp and Paper Facility Sees 85% Reduction in Repetitive and Overuse Injury Claims Costs

For Immediate Release

Grays Harbor Paper LogoHOQUIAM, Washington (October 26, 2010) ? Grays Harbor Paper has experienced an 85% decrease in repetitive and overuse work injury claim costs in the past twelve months. In addition to the hard cost savings the pulp and paper facility has also seen a 95% decrease in days away from work due to a time loss injury.

Grays Harbor Paper is committed to excellence in safety. As part of this commitment to its employees working safely, the facility partnered with InjuryFree, Inc., an organization that provides workplace injury prevention solutions nationally. The specific purpose of this partnership was to tackle the troublesome sprains, strains and repetitive micro?trauma injuries the workforce had been experiencing.

In August of 2009 InjuryFree opened the doors of its Employee Maintenance Center (EMC). The EMC is an on?the?jobsite injury prevention solution that addresses employees’ aches and pains before they can develop into more troublesome injuries and costly claims. An added benefit of the EMC is that if injuries do occur, InjuryFree’s Return?to?Work program minimizes the cost of rehabilitating injured workers by keeping many rehab services “in?house.”

While the EMC had initially been the cornerstone of the Grays Harbor Paper and InjuryFree partnership, the plant has since utilized InjuryFree to integrate an ergonomics program that compliments and enhances the impact of the EMC. With its adoption of both the EMC and an ergonomics program, Grays Harbor Paper is dedicated to becoming a leader in workplace safety. “InjuryFree has been a valuable addition to the overall safety program at Grays Harbor Paper. The EMC is highly utilized by our employees to identify workplace and personal soft tissue issues. The preventative approach has helped to keep both claims and claim cost down. Most importantly conditioning and strengthening the workforce has improved the quality of life both on the job and off the job of our employees”. (Denny Lawrence, Safety Director at Grays Harbor Paper)

InjuryFree’s Employee Maintenance Centers and ergonomics programs are proven solutions that are producing sound return on investment not only for Grays Harbor Paper but for all types of industry nationally. Their prevention offerings have kept employees productive and companies competitive, and have ultimately helped businesses meet OSHA’s regulatory requirements for work place safety.