Update: MSDs to OSHA 300 Log

In the blog posted on February 8 entitled “Proposed Addition: MSDs to OSHA 300 Log ,” the author discussed the inclusion of an additional column on the federal survey – OSHA 300 log to track musculoskeletal injuries.

Since the blog was posted, business representatives including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are skeptic that this new regulation may essentially “open a can of worms” to ergonomic rules drafted by the Clinton administration. These regulations released by OSHA took more than 3 years to draft and totaled over 1,600 pages. Business are skeptic over the costs associated with these additions should they be adopted by Congress.

On the flip-side, proponents of the MSD column claim that this addition is simply a method to identify the quantity of musculoskeletal injury for recording purposes.

What do you think? Is the proposed MSD recording addition a step into taking a more aggressive policy on ergonomics in the workplace?

Update, January 2011

OSHA announced on 1/25/2011 that they have withdrawn the proposal to add the MSD column to the 300 logs. Click here for more information.