Proposed Addition: MSDs to OSHA 300 Log

According to the Federal Register, OSHA is proposing to revise its Recording and Reporting regulation to restore a column in the OSHA 300 Log for employers to record work-related musculoskeletal disoders (MSDs). Should this restriction be passed, employers will not only need to place a ‘check mark’ in the column, but also identify the associated MSD and a number of total MSDs on the OSHA 300a form used to annually summarize their work-related injuries and illnesses.

This data benefits OSHA in that it will provide information to assist OSHA in targeting its inspection, outreach, guidance and enforcement efforts to address workplace MSDs, as well as provide accurate and complete national occupational injury and illness statistics. For employers, this proposed regulation will help to identify the incidence of MSDs.

Tell InjuryFree: what are your current employer practices regarding recording, tracking and analysis of MSDs in the workplace?

Do you believe the MSD column will make it easier to analyze MSDs?

A public meeting to discussed the proposal is scheduled for March 9.

For more information on the rule, visit the news release at the Federal Register

Update, January 2011

OSHA announced on 1/25/2011 that they have withdrawn the proposal to add the MSD column to the 300 logs. Click here for more information.