Reading: What New Ways Will iPad Users Find to Hurt Themselves?

In a new article posted in the Seattle PI, it is noted that with the rise in hand-held technology such as in phones, laptops and the new Apple iPad, doctors are warning against the pains we can gather in our necks and backs for using these devices. A new wave of pain caused from sprains and strains of using our fingers, neck and back to interact with the technology is causing new ailments such as “BlackBerry Neck” and “Text Thumb” to impair our functioning and our daily routines, not to mention costing expensive medical visits.

The most common cause of pain lies within the neck and back – we often position our heads down at an awkward when looking at a laptop screen or checking our phone for messages. This is not only bad for our muscles, but our vision as well – looking at the tiny screens strains our eyesight.

Here are some recommended tips in managing our use of portable, hand-held devices:

  • Limit Texting: sending too many texts puts strain on our thumbs or fingers. Too much strain can cause tendonitis
  • Rest: give you body frequent breaks
  • Move: take a break at lease once an hour when using a computer/laptop for an extended period of time
  • Look away: to prevent eyestrain
  • Support your elbows: to help alleviate neck stress, rest your elbows on armrests or tuck them into your sides for support in your arms and shoulders
  • Call a Doctor: when you feel pain in your arms or tingling in your fingers.

For more information about how to incorporate proper ergonomics when using technology for business or personal use, see the InjuryFree Ergonomic Resources section or contact an InjuryFree representative to connect with an ergonomist on the telephone or as an assessment.