Search OSHA: Workplace Injury and Illness Information

OSHA is allowing the public to search their online database for work-related injury and illness data collected for more than 80,000 employers from the years 1996-2007. This data is searchable by both establishment or specific injury and illness data filtered by address, associated Total Case Rate (TCR), Days Away, Restricted, Transfer (DART) case rate, and the Days Away from Work (DAFWII) case rate.

David Michaels, the Assistant Secretary of OSHA said “Making injury and illness information available to the public is part of OSHA’s response to the administration’s commitment to make government more transparent to the American people. This effort will improve the public’s accessibility to workplace safety and health data and ensure the Agency can function more effectively for American workers.”

The search is available at the OSHA designated OSHA Web page as well as

For more information, please read the associated news release.