Fit For Work and MSDs in Europe

Europe is driving a powerful campaign to raise awareness and introduce solutions to address the effects of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace. The Fit for Work study, presented at the European Parliament in Brussels September 30, conducted and presented data from 25 countries composed of interviews from workers across different industries to assess the impact of MSDs across Europe.           iStock_000009811710Small

According to the report, over 44 million, or one in six people in the European Union workforce now have a long-standing health problem or disability that affects their ability to work, and musculoskeletal disorders account for a higher proportion of absence from work than any other health condition. Nearly half of days missed from work are attributed to MSDs.

The study also found:

  • 25% of the respondents reported they have experience muscular pain in their neck, shoulders and upper limbs
  • Half of all workers will have pain in their back at some time in their lives
  • At least a third of the population will suffer from low back pain
  • MSDs have a large-scale economic impact – up to 2% of European gross domestic product is accounted for by direct costs of MSDs each year

Fit for Work (Europe) is calling upon the collaboration of policymakers, employers, clinicians and stakeholders to not only prevent the onset of MSDs, but support further study and legislation to treat and accommodate  workers suffering from MSDs.

To read more about the study, click on the links: Fit for Work Europe and the article published in EHS Today


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