NHRMA Conference in Tacoma promises new ideas

In October, InjuryFree will be taking its innovative ideas on workplace safety management to the Northwest Human Resource Management Association (NHRMA) conference.

This year, the conference is celebrating its 75th anniversary in Tacoma, Wash. Oct. 9-11 with a conference theme of “A Bridge to Tomorrow.”

The three days will be filled with concentrated workshops and networking opportunities with the Northwest region’s best in human resources. Since October 1939, the organization has been serving HR professionals in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. in 1972, the NHRMA became an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management. Even today, the two groups work together to promote education in student chapters, professional development and charity work in the area.

InuryFree CEO and president Trent Shuford will add his expertise to the mix by bringing cutting-edge, innovative ideas on prevention and mitigation to the NHRMA conversation. With many years of experience in the Northwest region and beyond, Trent is uniquely qualified in the areas of preventing musculoskeletal injuries, ergonomic testing and both large and small scale ergonomic processes. InjuryFree’s Employee Maintenance Centers have decreased workplace injuries drastically in the area’s they have been implemented in. Through these centers, and more, Trent aims to shift the conversation from reaction to prevention regarding workplace injuries.

“As human resource professionals and business leaders we are constantly experiencing change and need to anticipate the direction the future will take us,” said a letter from conference co-chairs Renee Larson, PHR and Lorraine Viers, SPHR.

We look forward to seeing you there and sharing our innovative ideas for the future of human resources management. For more information on the conference, including a draft letter you can give to your boss to petition to go, visit http://www.nhrmaconference.org/2013/