Bridging the Gap between Workplace Health Club and Medical Center

When looking for ways to improve their preventative safety programs, many companies are opting for programs that 1) provide urgent care for injured workers and, 2) provide health and wellness solutions that reduce illness and injury. Some companies are opting for an acute care center that offers additional health and wellness services. Others are hoping that an on-site fitness center or corporate gym membership will build the strength their employees need to do their jobs efficiently and safely. Many executives, however, aren’t experiencing the return-on-investment these programs promised.

Acute Care Centers

Most medium to large companies have some form of urgent care facility to respond to episodic, trauma-related workplace injuries. An acute care center offers those services in addition to a health and wellness platform. Some centers may also act as an employee screening tool for worker transfers and new hires to help ensure job fit. But many executives aren’t seeing their employees getting healthier, their workplace injuries diminishing, or witness a reduction in their medical and workers compensation costs. In an attempt to improve employee fitness to achieve the desired results, some executives then choose the ‘fitness center’ option.

Fitness Centers

On-site fitness centers or corporate health club memberships are fantastic for those people who already put a high value on health and fitness. Employee utilization rates vary by company and region but roughly 20% to 40% of the workforce will take advantage of corporate fitness programs. Unfortunately, they’re the employees that would be fit whether or not the company provided the facilities. Low employee utilization rates result in a reduced return-on-investment. And still, a large segment of the workforce is not maintaining the strength and flexibility needed to do their jobs

Employee Maintenance Center

An Employee Maintenance Center (EMC) focuses on biophysical maintenance where people who fall into momentary pain have solutions available that focus on personal strength, flexibility, endurance and nutritional health. Musculoskeletal injuries are treated and healed by medical professionals using medical-grade equipment in your workplace.

But treating injuries isn’t going to increase the return-on-investment so the EMC takes it a step further. It includes an array of high-tech fitness machines (based on your unique workplace needs) to correct musculoskeletal weakness in workers to prevent further injuries. An employee can be biophysically tested for areas of weakness and, in just a few minutes a session, have that area strengthened and fit for duty. As a result, workers compensation and medical claim costs decrease significantly providing that ever elusive return-on-investment.

“An Employee Maintenance Center is like a tune up center for your body. It bridges the gap between the health club and the medical center.” ~ Trent Shuford – CEO InjuryFree