The On-Site Injury Prevention Solution

EMC Back Machine ExerciseWe maintain our machines, equipment and facilities to ensure efficiency of operations and to avoid interruptions in business. What about our employees? Would maintaining them not yield the same benefits and produce an ROI? At InjuryFree, we believe so…

Imagine an on-site solution that reduces or eliminates the risk of injuries by addressing employees’ pain before it escalates into a claim. Unless properly maintained, machinery and equipment will age and break down over a period of time. It only makes sense that as workers age they too will break down if not properly maintained. Is the absence of an employee maintenance program at your facility a major factor in your workplace injuries?

Since 2000 InjuryFree has designed Employee Maintenance Centers (EMCs) to be a cost effective, on-site solution for companies to prevent injuries first. The EMC’s purpose is to maintain the most important assets on your site – your people. Our process helps companies significantly reduce injuries through early intervention. InjuryFree’s programs help companies transfer expenses from a reactive injury care model to a proactive model that prevents injuries, increases employee morale and retention, and maximizes companies’ profitability.

If improving the physical health of your employees so they can perform their jobs safely makes sense for your organization, we have a proven solution for you! Learn more about the Employee Maintenance Center.