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Health and Wellness

The Problem

The American Heart Association estimates that 145 million American adults are overweight, putting more than a third of the working-age population at risk for chronic illnesses and pain. Targeted exercise can go along way toward protecting your bottom line from absenteeism and lost productivity.

The Solution

Employee wellness programs are a critical component of companywide injury prevention, which is why we designed a systematic way to evaluate and improve workers' health. Our wellness programs include:

  • A series of wellness stations, where special tools, technology, or equipment identify each employee's risk factors
  • Recommendations on how employees can reduce their risk factors, heal problem areas, and maintain personal health and wellness
  • Re-testing in two to six weeks to measure progress and refine recommendations
  • Promotional materials to encourage employees' participation
  • Health Challenges

Is a Wellness Program right for you?

Yes, if you're interested in:

  • Maintaining a healthy and pain-free workforce
  • Inspiring workers to care about their health
  • Incorporating health and wellness in your corporate culture
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