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EMC Cost Benefit Analysis

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The purpose of our cost-benefit analysis is to determine the measurable value your company would benefit from utilizing InjuryFree’s services. On site therapy solutions can save your company a significant amount of money. The InjuryFree team takes pride in delivering services that bring a measurable return by improving employees’ health. Our goal is to provide your company with a substantial reduction in injuries. The resultant outcome is an “expenditure transition” whereby dollars currently spent reactively on injuries becomes proactively spent on preventing them.

We take your claim data and provide a careful review of your claims data, so we are clear if your company’s injury rates and claims expenditures would benefit from our services. After we review your claims data you will be provided a report that demonstrates a proactive process for injury prevention.

We Apply Proven Principles

The BEEA+ paradigm, the foundation of InjuryFree’s prevention model, is based upon the premise that every workplace injury results from the inconsistency or breakdown in one or more of the following areas: Bio-Physics, Ergonomics, Education and Awareness. Using the BEEA+ paradigm, InjuryFree will help to identify the missing BEEA+ component(s) in your facility, and will recommend cost-effective, customizable solutions to enhance your culture of health and workplace safety.

We will determine if your company can expect a return on investment by performing an in depth analysis of your organization’s site statistics, injury claim and time loss data. From this analysis, we will also determine the solutions within BEEA+ that will best address your organization’s specific needs.

Injury Prevention and Wellness Strategy

Research shows that the health of your employees directly influences their work behavior, attendance and on-the-job performance. Therefore, improving employee well-being will result in a more productive workforce. That’s why 75 percent of high-performing companies now look at employee health as a key part of their overall risk management strategy. Many are implementing employee health and wellness programs to improve employee health.

For many companies transitioning from a Reactive Medical Benefit to
a Proactive Preventative Benefit feels like changing from an apple
to an orange. Both of these benefits have value but they have
significantly different properties, so many organizational
leaders ask how can they make the change?


We Can Help You Make The Transition

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