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Health and Wellness

The Problem

Workers in pain tend to slow down or use other parts of their body to compensate for weakened areas. As frustration mounts, the risk of injury increases and productivity slides. Lacking effective intervention, absenteeism and workers compensation claims can significantly affect a company's bottom line.

The Solution

Each InjuryFree Employee Maintenance Center (EMC) is an on-site health and safety facility for employees. EMCs are staffed by professionals trained to care for pain and injuries, rehabilitate injured employees, and prevent future injuries from occurring.

What is an Employee Maintenance Center?

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Back, Neck, and Shoulder Programs

Because back, neck, and shoulder problems represent a major portion of annual workers compensation claims, EMCs include special equipment and technologies for workers suffering from pain in these areas. Run by trained staff, our back and neck programs provide employees with:
  • Personalized plans to improve back, neck, and shoulder strength
  • Regimens to improve flexibility and reduce the risk of shoulder tears
  • Body mechanic education to improve safety and job task performance
  • Quarterly scorecards that encourage participation and follow-through

Take the Next Step

In order to consider the Employee Maintenance Center as the on-site solution for your company, you may need to assemble key members within your company that will be involved in the decision-making process. We learn from your team which key risk factors are currently keeping your company from achieving its health and safety goals. To help identify those risk factors we provide a FREE “Cost Benefit Analysis” report which is generated from your work claims information. We utilize this report to examine your past, current and future risks. The Cost Benefit Analysis is a tool we have developed over the past ten years that helps us identify solutions that if implemented have the highest opportunity for success based on the inherent risk at your facility. Click HERE to learn more about the Cost Benefit Analysis.

Is an EMC right for you?

Yes, if you're struggling with:
  • Deterioration of worker health or physical abilities
  • High number of repetitive injuries
  • Pain-related productivity decreases
  • Increased time loss or absenteeism
  • Injury-related morale issues
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Case Study: Published by The Journal of Workers Compensation
Kimberly-Clark, Conway, AR
In 2005, Kimberly-Clark's Conway, Arkansas, manufacturing facility launched a pilot program with InjuryFree, Inc., to reduce musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace, particularly those injuries resulting from microtrauma and repetitive stress. After three years of continuous program operation, injuries and related costs at the Conway facility have shown a significant and steady decline.

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Case Study: Published by InjuryFree
Grays Harbor Paper, Hoquiam, WA
In 2009, Grays Harbor, manufacturing facility launched an Employee Maintenance Center. Over a period of 19 months, GHP saw an 88% reduction in workers’ compensation claims and a 99% reduction in claims costs related to musculoskeletal injuries. GHP average cost of a workplace claim dropped from $22,493 in 2008 to just $494 in 2010. A 154% return-on-investment was generated at the one year mark.

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