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Ergonomic Solutions

The Problem

Ergonomic assessments and issues can't always be solved with InjuryFree's Virtual Ergonomist or web-based ErgoStat software. When companies need a thorough evaluation of the workplace, or 3rd-party documentation to meet government regulations, on-site ergonomic consulting may be the most cost-effective solution.

The Solution

Our on-site ergonomics consultants bring years of office and industrial experience to every client, no matter what the size or type of business. Specifically, they will:
  • Evaluate the workplace for ergonomic vulnerabilities to decrease risk
  • Recommend ways to make the workplace ergonomically safe for all workers
  • Assess individual workers to determine if they are physically suited to their respective jobs
  • Help workers who are already experiencing ergonomic-related pain
  • Educate workers on ergonomic issues, such as body awareness, body mechanics, and postural training
  • Provide a detailed, HIPAA- and OSHA-compliant report, including all recommendations, ergonomic modifications, and education topics discussed

Is On-Site Ergonomics right for you?

Yes, if you need help:
  • Identifying ergonomic risks
  • Resolving ergonomic issues
  • Educating employees about risks
  • Identifying cost effective solutions
  • Complying with OSHA regulations
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