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Ergonomic Solutions

The Problem

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), ergonomic risk factors are present in work environments that require repetitive, forceful, or prolonged exertion of the worker's hands; frequent or heavy lifting; pushing, pulling, or carrying heavy objects; and prolonged awkward postures. Such factors lead to a higher probability of workers experiencing musculoskeletal problems.

The Solution

ErgoStat Logo ErgoStat is InjuryFree's web-based ergonomic assessment and risk reduction software for managing complex ergonomic issues. Designed for use in collaborative environments, ErgoStat can accommodate all your ergonomic, safety, and facilities resources, whether on-staff or on contract, on-site or remote. For industry, ErgoStat calculates risk and recommends solutions based on OSHA standards. For offices, ErgoStat can identify risk for entire groups, such as call centers, and recommend environmental adjustments, interventions, and/or education. Regardless of the environment, the software's notification, reporting, and documentation capabilities help ensure rapid, cost-effective responses to ergonomic issues.

Is ErgoStat right for you?

Yes, if you're struggling with:
  • Understanding the level of your risk issues
  • Managing the ergonomic process
  • Managing your internal ergo-team
  • Drowning in oceans of paperwork
  • Clarifying the risks to executives
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