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Getting to Zero: An Ergonomic Injury Prevention Case Study

Musculoskeletal disorders among American workers have plateaued in recent years. In 2012, ergonomic injuries in the workplace accounted for 34 percent of all occupational injuries and illnesses, according to BLS stats. Further statistics also reveal that workplace musculoskeletal disorder injuries…

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Employee Maintenance Center Case Study Published by Santa Times
Santa Clause Company, Christmas Town, North Pole

InjuryFree has developed an on-site solution for repetitive and overuse injuries. This solution was installed this last year in the largest facility, housing the largest number of employees, in the world! Well, I am happy to tell you that our on-site solution combined with our new safety processes have been a tremendous success. The Safety Team was able to slash injuries while improving the productivity and morale of the whole workforce. The whole facility has now reached the coveted ONE YEAR status of being INJURY FREE for the first time in the history of its existence. We are proud to share this information with you!

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“We are amazed at the results. All the workers have taken part in the Employee Maintenance Center program. Today, we are more productive and healthier than ever before. We are so proud of the results we have made as a team and are thankful for reaching the ONE YEAR goal of being Injury Free!”

Kris Kringle, Santa Clause Company

Employee Maintenance Case Study Published by InjuryFree
Grays Harbor Paper, Hoquiam, WA

In 2009, Grays Harbor Paper, a manufacturing facility in Hoquiam, Washington, launched an onsite health and wellness program by contracting services with InjuryFree, Inc., to reduce musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace. Particularly those injuries resulting from microtrauma and repetitive stress. After eighteen months of continuous program operation, the Hoquiam facility showed a significant drop in injuries while generating a return on investment for health and wellness services.

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“...the EMC has helped our employees maintain the strength and mobiity they need, not only to do their jobs but to be able to enjoy their life when they're off the job as well.”

Denny Lawrence, Safety Director

Employee Maintenance Center Case Study Published by The Journal of Workers Compensation
Kimberly-Clark, Conway, AR

In 2005, Kimberly-Clark's Conway, Arkansas, manufacturing facility launched a pilot program with InjuryFree, Inc., to reduce musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace, particularly those injuries resulting from microtrauma and repetitive stress. After three years of continuous program operation, injuries and related costs at the Conway facility have shown a significant and steady decline.

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By the end of the third year, 64 percent of the plant’s employees had utilized EMC services at least once that year, and fully 88 percent had used the EMC at least once during the three-year span. At the time of this writing, The plant has not experienced an injury for over 180 days — a record for the facility.

Employee Maintenance Center Case Study Published by OH&S Magazine
Kimberly-Clark, Conway & Maumelle, AR

Kimberly-Clark's Conway, Ark., plant reduced its musculoskeletal incidents by 50 percent following installation of an on-site Employee Maintenance Center (EMC). Improvements in reportable incident rates have continued each year since the EMC launched in 2004. At a sister plant 20 miles down the road in Maumelle, reportable incidents fell from eight to zero in the year following the launch of its center.

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“Oh, I love it. InjuryFree keeps me going. These (EMC) people do wonders. I go home at night and my husband goes on and on about his aches and pains from his job. I just smile. He says, 'You got a treatment today, didn't you?' I just nod and smile. He's so jealous. The place he works doesn't have anything like InjuryFree.”

Judy Garrett, K-C Conway Employee

Employee Maintenance Center Case Study Published by Kimberly-Clark
Kimberly-Clark, Everett, WA

For the first few years after K-C acquired the Everett mill, workers' compensation costs held steady. Then, at the end of 2002, the mill tallied it's annual workers' comp outlay and the result looked like a computation error: costs had plummeted in just 12 months… What could possibly lead to such a dramatic drop in on-the-job injuries and, thus, workers' compensation costs?

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“We have unsolicited feedback from employees saying it's the best thing the company has ever done for them…”

“The longer we work with InjuryFree the more useful applications we're finding.”

Dave Faddis, K-C Everett Mill Manager