InjuryFree, Inc.

America's Leading Innovators of Workplace Injury Prevention Solutions

Our Story

About InjuryFree

InjuryFree has been a leader in workplace safety for over a decade. Founded by CEO Trent Shuford, an expert in health and wellness programs, the company initially focused on treating injured workers, but soon saw the need for pro-active injury prevention in American companies.

Today, our solutions and services help all types of companies, from mid-size offices to heavy industry, reduce risk and prevent injury.

For employers, InjuryFree solutions:
  • Maintain productivity goals
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Lower worker's compensation costs
  • Provide leverage for insurance negotiations
  • Improve compliance with HIPAA, OSHA, and other regulations
For workers, InjuryFree solutions:
  • Reduce the risk of workplace injuries
  • Treat injuries promptly and correctly
  • Lead to productive, pain-free lives

The BEEA+ Paradigm

InjuryFree solutions combine the principles of Biophysics and Ergonomics with Education and Awareness – what we call "BEEA+" (pronounced Be A Plus), our simple yet unique approach to risk reduction and injury prevention.

Biophysics, Ergonomics, Education and Awareness