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OSHA/NIOSH Update 2.5.2013

OSHA Warns: Cold Weather Results in Increase in Carbon Monoxide Exposure

  • According to OSHA, “a worker in a New England warehouse was found unconscious and seizing, suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Several other workers at the site also became sick. All of the windows and doors were closed to conserve heat, there was no exhaust ventilation in the facility, and very high levels of carbon monoxide were measured at the site.”
  • “Symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure can include everything from headaches, dizziness and drowsiness to nausea, vomiting or tightness across the chest. Severe carbon monoxide poisoning can cause neurological damage, coma and death.”
  • For more information refer to OSHA’s Carbon Monoxide Fact Sheet. For additional information on carbon monoxide poisoning and preventing exposure in the workplace, see OSHA’s Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Quick Cards (in English and Spanish).

OSHA Launches 2013 FEDTARG Program

  • OSHA has issued its annual inspection plan of federal agency establishments under its Federal Agency Targeting Inspection Program directive for fiscal year 2013. FEDTARG directs programmed inspections of federal agency establishments where a high number of employees have been absent due to injuries they incurred at work. OSHA will inspect all establishments reporting 100 or more cases where a worker is away from work due to injury during fiscal year 2012; 50 percent of those establishments reporting 50 to 99 cases; and 10 percent of those reporting 20 to 49 cases.

NIOSH Funds Study to Find Out if Low Wages are a Risk Factor for Hypertension

  • Do low wages contribute to hypertension? That’s what NIOSH and its funding partners wanted to know. The research was recently published in the European Journal of Public Health titled Are Low Wages Risk Factors for Hypertension?

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