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A few fun apps for goal setting

 Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.  ~Henry Ford

Maybe a few obstacles have popped up in your way this week. Whether it is that cheesy slice of pizza, a stressful day at work that made you reach for the cigarette or anything else, many of us hop off the bandwagon right about now.

Statistics show that, at the end of January, some 64% of resolvers are still hanging in there; six months later, that number drops to 44%.

Since we are all about helping you be healthier and safer in the new year, here are a few fun apps to help out the process.

For the foodies of you, Fooducate is a fun one I saw on an e-mail list recently.

Of all the granola bars to jump into your cart, choose the best of the best with this app that helps you discern the biggest nutrition bang and best calorie bust for your money. The app gives you the nitty gritty on one food versus another and helps you make healthier choices in the new year.


If your goals are as eclectic as walking the dog more to flossing after dinner, then Joe’s Goals might be fun for you.

The cute smiley faces and customizable goal-tracking help you see your progress in a format like an elementary school star-chart. Record the good and the bad. Learn from the bad, keep up the good.

This one unfortunately is web-only though. Sorry smart phone lovers.


Prefer the bite-sized approach to a long-term goal? Take a nibble out of Lifetick. The program really breaks your goals down into little pieces to help you understand not only why you are doing what you are doing, but also what you need to do day by day to get there.

There is a paid version, but you are welcome to try out the free app for iPhone, Android and even Palm devices.

So do your obstacles look a little smaller today? For a little more specialized help, have your employer check out all of InjuryFree’s workplace safety offerings here.

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