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We are loving watching these goals come in! Each of you are so committed to your health and safety in the new year, we can’t help but applaud you.

Now we have a little secret to share.

You ready?

All these goals are helping us.

That’s right. Each of your goals is bringing us one step closer to safer and healthier workplaces across America and, ladies and gentlemen, that is our mission!

After years of treating worker’s after their injuries, it occurred to our CEO, Trent Shuford, that there must be a better way.

Employee working in Employee Maintenance CenterSo to the fanfare of companies everywhere, the InjuryFree Employee Maintenance Center was born. These on-site centers take your health and safety goals and give you the tools to achieve them. From back strengthening programs to movement analysis, we take that little tweak and help it before it becomes a debilitating injury.

We can do that with some of your goals too!

So let’s take this one from Denise Anderson. Her goal is to “suffer no injuries this year and let my back heal.” 

Fantastic Denise!

Within the walls of an Employee Maintenance Center, we would give you specific exercises to strengthen that recovering back and check out other movement patterns to make sure you weren’t at risk for an injury you might not have even known about.

Another potential iPad winner talked about his need to “stretch daily before work.” Great goal David! It is both specific and time-bound. The perfect goal.

But what if you could stretch both before work and during work?! Take a 15 minute break to swing by the EMC, which is in your workplace. You could be feeling great all through the day too.

These are just a couple of examples of how InjuryFree can help you achieve your 2013 health and fitness goals.

Keep ’em coming everyone. You are making the world healthier and safer one person at a time. And for that, we extend our sincere thanks. 


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