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How are your New Years Resolutions going?

Are you still hanging in there?

January 1 has come and gone and our resolve to be better in the new year might still be going strong.

Or it might be fading a little bit.

Statistics show that, at the end of January, some 64% of resolvers are still hanging in there; six months later, that number drops to 44%.

We aim to help.

Sharing your goals and committing to change drastically increases your success rate. In fact, studies have shown that sharing and committing boosts success by anywhere from 33% to 45%.

So share your health and safety goals for the new year with InjuryFree. For a little motivation, in exchange for your goal we are offering you a chance to win an iPad2.

We will be letting you know how all of this works on Facebook soon. Keep watching. We can’t wait to help you make your workplace safer, one goal at a time.

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