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Applied Ergonomics Conference: March 22-25, San Antonio, TX

applied ergonomics logoCited from its Website, The Applied Ergonomics Conference (AEC) is one of the largest and most impressive ergonomics conferences in North America. Presenters are practitioners sharing real-world experiences and practical solutions to common problems in industry. This conference provides comprehensive and broad-spectrum education for employees at all levels (managers to professionals to line workers).

Mark Your Calendars!

Trent Shuford, the InjuryFree CEO, will present “The BEEA+ Paradigm: Identifying Risk and Solutions” on Tuesday, March 23rd from 2-2:3o p.m. and “Maintenance Machines: Maintenance Employees. Why an EMC Works!” on Wednesday, March 24th from 8:30-9:00 a.m.

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The BEEA+ Paradigm: Identifying Risk and Solutions:

This presentation will assist professionals in identifying opportunities to enhance and improve their safety programs by implementing a unique, comprehensive and proven injury prevention system; the BEEA+ paradigm. The BEEA+ paradigm is based on the premise that every injury results from a failure in one or more of the following areas; Bio-Physics, Ergonomics, Education and/or Awareness. Participants will be guided in an interactive presentation to identify the key components that are missing within their safety programs, and will be provided with solutions on how to improve. More importantly, they will be shown why incorporating Bio-Physics, Ergonomics, Education and Awareness should be the priority of any organization’s safety program. The preseantion will begin with an interactive “confidential self test” that will help to immediately identify areas needing improvement so participants can focus on these specific topics of discussion, as well as offer real life situations in a discussion that will follow.

Maintenance Machines: Maintenance Employees. Why an EMC Works!

The workplace is faced with an increase in health insurance premiums and workers compensation claims. Occupational professionals are challenged in finding ways to keep claims down and in maintaining the productivity and wellbeing of employees in the workplace.

This presentation will demonstrate how a return on investment can be achieved by conditioning employees to the job task, thereby reducing the threat of musculoskeletal injuries (repetitive/overuse) which totals over $125 billion in industry claim costs annually. An “Employee Maintenance Center” is recommended as a solution to condition employees to become “industrial athletes” in the prevention of microtrauma injury and increased safety awareness.

Are you a workplace professional attending the Conference and looking for innovative solutions to reduce the occurrence of injury in your facility? Please leave us a comment – we will be happy to connect with you!

We’re looking forward to meeting members in the safety, health and industrial community at the Applied Ergonomics Conference!
See you in Texas!!!