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What is an InjuryFree Employee Maintenance Center like for an employee?

A Q&A with Trisha Studebaker, a Belmont, MI employee at the Kimberly-Clark Mill who uses InjuryFree’s innovative new Employee Maintenance Center.

InjuryFree has been pioneering preventative approaches to health inside the workplace with their Employee Maintenance Centers. The centers provide an on-site place where employees can go to strategically strengthen supporting muscles so that they don’t experience pain on the job. These programs are aimed at preventing costly workers comp claims for employers, but as Trisha says, the EMCs can have an even greater effect on employee well-being. For more details on the EMC, click here. For Trisha’s story, keep reading.


Q: How long have you been participating:

  • A: Since July 26, 2011, so more than a year and three months.

Q: Describe how often you use the EMC at work:

  • A: At first I went two-times per week for a year. But then I reached my goal so now I go once a week to maintain my progress. It has made my back a lot stronger.

Q: How is your average workday different?

  • A: I can stand longer with no back pain.

Q: Is there an experience you can share illustrating how the EMC has helped you?

  • A: When I first started I would get home after a 10-minute drive and would have to grip my car door for support to get out. But after about two weeks, I could get out of my car no problem.

Q: What would you want to tell a prospective boss about your experience using the EMC?

  • A: That it is the best thing an employer can do for their employees. It improves your health.

Q: Do you feel like you are doing your job better now?

  • A: Yes, I do.

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