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This past week, those with their minds on occupational health and safety gathered in Ballingham, Wash. for the Northwest Occupational Health Conference. Although you probably wished you could have attended, that pile of work spilling from your desk and overcrowding your inbox might have kept you shackled to the office.

Don’t worry. Here are some quick and simple resources for keeping up with the latest information, while keeping up with your daily workload.

  1. Set aside scheduled time each day for your own education: With our busy schedules it is easy to  get caught up in the day-to-day bustle. However, what the future holds for us depends entirely on what we put in store for the future. Take 30 minutes each day to catch up on the latest blogs and industry news. Tuck away interesting tidbits in a “good ideas” folder. Don’t get caught in the idea that you have to study that whole eight-page research article. A headline might inspire your managerial prowess or a photo might give you a great idea. Burnout is easy when tasks aren’t taken in bite-sized pieces. The same can be said for the busy professional’s self-education.
  2. Subscribe to this Twitter list: Once you get over the hashtags and bitilinks, Twitter is a great way to get quick information tidbits. Think of it as an information snack bar. Each tweet offers a headline and gives you a way to click on and learn more if you want. You can subscribe to the list here. We will continue to update it with the latest links and information, so if you have a suggestion for someone we should follow, please leave a comment. 
  3. Set up a Google Reader folder: If Twitter is the World Wide Web’s snack bar, then Google Reader is the online information equivalent to a light lunch. If you have a Gmail account, click on the Reader function from the top pulldown menu. You can type in the website address of blogs from industry leaders. The headlines from those blogs will show up in a nice little digest whenever they update and you log in. Follow InjuryFree here.
  4. Take a few minutes to watch YouTube Offerings. For those who missed the conference, the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s YouTube page is here. Although there is no real replacement for being at the conference, YouTube can offer some great nuggets to enhance your understanding of occupational safety issues.

Taking a relatively short 30 minutes out of your busy day can spark your own creative ideas and keep you on the cutting edge of occupational safety. And as always, check in with InjuryFree for the latest on preventing pain before it becomes a nasty claim.

Do you have any favorite industry leaders whose ideas you respect and follow online? Share in the comments section.



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