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OSHA/NIOSH Update 8.20.2012

OSHA LogoOSHA Resources for Protecting Workers from Mercury Exposure

  • OSHA has issued a fact sheet and Quick Card that alerts employers to potential mercury exposure and the steps required to protect workers. Mercury exposure can result in nervous system disorders including tremors, kidney damage, and may even be transferred to future children.

OSHA Aims to Eliminate Workplace Hazards in the Marine Cargo Handling Industry

  • With 7 fatalities and over 2,900 injured workers in 2010, OSHA has issued a revised directive for inspection and enforcement in longshore operations.

Although Banned in 1978, PCBs Still a Problem in Older Buildings

  • Highly toxic PCBs were used in a variety of products such as paints, plastics, and transformers prior to the 1978 ban. However, workers can still be exposed when working with old products and dismantling or renovating older buildings and equipment. A case study involving construction workers can be found at

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  1. gold account says:

    Schneider’s PowerPoint presentation is available here . He also played a two-minute video explanation of the silica danger made by WorkSafeBC and referenced Secretary of Labor Francis Perkin’s 1938 declaration of her department’s intention to end silicosis deaths in the country.

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