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Occupational Safety News Bulletin – 8/1

OSHA LogoOccupational Safety news headline for early August, 2011:

  • OSHA to hold stakeholder meeting to discuss occupational exposure of infectious diseases

    OSHA will be holding two stakeholders meetings on July 29th to request comments on exposure to infectious disease in the workplace. These meetings are to start the discussion of how to protect workers mainly in the healthcare industry from being exposed to infectious disease, and what steps can help to avoid exposure. Read more about OSHA’s stakeholder meeting.

  • OSHA holds Web chat on Regulatory Agenda

    OSHA held a Web chat July 11 to discuss the agency’s new regulatory agenda, in conjunction with Executive Order 12866 that requires the semiannual publication of an agenda of regulations. Read more on OSHA’s regulatory agenda.

  • OSHA responds to a Recordkeeping Question

    OSHA was recently asked about recordkeeping issues. Specifically, when should an absence be considered as a “day away” or “time lost” and when to just consider it as an absence. If you struggle with when to connect an absence with “days away” or just an absence, read this response. Read OSHA’s response to recordkeeping questions.

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