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Occupational Safety News Bulletin – 6/6

OSHA LogoOccupational Safety news headlines for early June, 2011:

  • Fall protection rule for residential construction goes into effect June 16th

    On June 16th, residential construction employers will have to provide workers with conventional fall protection. The rule issued in 1994 has been reinterpreted to now include residential construction workers. OSHA has developed a variety of training options from slide presentations to educate and training workers in fall protection rules and procedures. Visit OSHA’s training website for more information.

  • OSHA offers a new tool to help employers understand recordkeeping requirements

    The OSHA Recordkeeping Adviser is a new Web tool designed to help employers understand the rules and regulation to report and record work related injury/illness. The tool allows employers to answer a few questions to determine what needs to be recorded and which provisions of the regulations apply for that situation. Check out the Recordkeeping Adviser!

  • OSHA announces final rule to removing outdated requirements, streamlining and simplifying standards

    OSHA announces release of final rule that is aimed at simplifying and streamlining standards requirements. The rule, is part of the OSHA’s Standards Improvement Projects initiative, which helps keep the agency’s standards up to date and better enables employers to comply with their regulatory obligations.. OSHA Assistant Secretary David Michaels said, “OSHA estimates that the final rule, without reducing employee protection, will result in annual cost savings to employers exceeding $43 million and significant reductions in paperwork burden hours.” The rule will change standards for respiratory protection, as well as deleting a number of requirements for employers to transmit exposure and medical records to NIOSH. No new rules are included, only deleting or modifying current rules is expected, therefore compliance date is considered immediate. Read the full news release here.

  • OSHA to perform survey to aid in future rules, compliance and outreach

    OSHA announces the launch of a survey that will act as a tool to aid in future design of rules, compliance assistance and outreach efforts. About 19,000 employers will receive the “Baseline Survey of Safety and Health Practices”. The survey, consisting of questions about workplace safety and health management procedures, will be sent to private sector employers of all size and across all industries within OSHA’s jurisdiction. Participation is voluntary. To read more and take the survey, visit OSHA’s website.

  • OSHA blogs to the young worker

    OSHA Assistant Secretary David Michaels addressed America’s young workers in a May 17 post on the Department of Labor website. He discussed the importance of the young worker on the economy and how OSHA works to help protect the young worker. Dr. Michaels also gave tips to the young worker on how to stay safe as well as providing rules and regulations that an employer must adhere to. Read the post at OSHA’s blog.

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