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Occupational Safety News Bulletin – 5/15

OSHA LogoOccupational Safety news headlines for late May, 2011:

  • OSHA launches outreach program for heat related illness

    The summer is here, and OSHA is reaching out to employers and employees to help spread the word on how to prevent heat related illness. OSHA’s educational materials on this topic are available at their campaign website.

  • California standard requires PPE hazard assessments

    A new California standard requires employers to conduct assessments of their workplace for hazards that may require the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The standard also requires the training of employees in the use, care and limits of PPE. Read more about the standard at the OSHA Law Blog.

  • DOL and the White House celebrate Workers Memorial Day

    April 28th is Workers Memorial Day, which honors the thousands of workers who have been affected by unsafe or unhealthy working conditions. President Obama states, “On Workers Memorial Day, we reflect on the vital achievements of the past and recommit to keeping all workers safe and healthy in the future. We owe nothing less to the countless working Americans who have built and shaped our nation, and to those who have lost their lives or been injured on the job.” Download President Obama’s full proclamation.

  • OSHA Issues Final Rule to Protect Shipyard Workers

    OSHA has released the final rule that updates existing requirements to reflect advances in industry practices and technology and provides new protections from hazards that were not previously addressed. Read the full news release at OSHA’s website.

  • OSHA Announces Photo Contest “Safe Workplaces for Everyone”

    In celebration of OSHA’s 40th anniversary it has announced a new photo contest promoting workplace safety. The contest called “Picture it! Safe Workplaces for Everyone,” will run from May 2nd to August 12, 2011. Learn more about the contest at OSHA’s website.

  • Washington State Requires Chemotherapy Drug Protection for Healthcare Workers

    Washington Governor Chris Gregoire signed a new law into effect that will protect healthcare workers from the hazards of administering chemotherapy drugs to patients. Precautions to protect workers include proper ventilation, PPE, and proper disposal procedures. Visit the Washington Sate L&I website for the full news release.

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