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InjuryFree Extends Our Support to All of Our Friends Affected by the Spring Storms

This spring, Mother Nature has been particularly brutal. From the tornados to flooding, this spring has packed quite a punch, especially for those of us in the south.

I happen to live in Vilonia, Arkansas, one of the towns that were destroyed by a tornado on April 25th. In Vilonia alone, four people died and the town was devastated. My first response was one of complete sadness. The loss of life and the loss of a town, all in less than two minutes, has been overwhelming.

The days that followed helped to warm my sad heart. My husband was able to go and volunteer at the city center. He made and distributed food for all of the emergency workers as well as the volunteers that had shown up in droves to assist. The next day he took his chainsaw and was given an assignment to cut up the downed trees in the area most affected. He saw first-hand all the homes that had been destroyed and all the lives that had been altered. He also saw all the volunteers making a difference and a tremendous display of the community caring for one another. He brought back stories of hope, of love and of rebuilding. Vilonia, like many cities that were affected by the storm, may have been destroyed physically. The buildings had fallen, that is true, but the spirit of Vilonia has persevered. The members of the town, as well as our neighbors from miles away have all bonded for a common goal. It is amazing to see, and feel. I am so very sad that nature can turn so ugly, but so happy that people remain kind and caring.

All of us at InjuryFree send our warm thoughts and positive energy to those of you who have been affected. We are thinking of you and hoping for brighter, happier days.

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