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Occupational Safety News Bulletin – 4/5

OSHA LogoOccupational Safety news headlines for April, 2011:

  • OSHA looks to small businesses for input on injury/illness logs.

    OSHA and the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy will reach out to the small business community to get input on the proposed rule of adding a MSD column to the injury/illness logs. A series of teleconferences will be help during April. Read the full news release at the OSHA website…

  • Maritime advisory committee introduces new members

    The Maritime Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health has introduced 15 new members to help protect workers from shipyard hazards. Visit the OSHA website for more details…

  • David Michaels speaks to Congress on Construction Worker Safety

    OSHA Assistant Secretary David Michaels testified to congress explaining that “The safety of construction workers is one of OSHA’s top concerns,” said Michaels. You can read the full statement here…

  • OSHA and NIOSH team up to demonstrate how spirometry tests can help prevent lung disease

    OSHA and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have developed documents to help describe how use of spirometry testing can help to reduce and prevent worker exposure to respiratory hazards. Visit the OSHA website to read the full release…

  • OSHA teams up with oil and gas industry to promote worker safety and health

    OSHA teamed up with the South Louisiana Service Transmission, Exploration and Production Safety Network. The focus will be on increasing the safety and health of oil and gas workers in Louisiana. Read the full release at the OSHA website…

  • OSHA celebrates 40 years

    OSHA is celebrating 40 years of helping increase the safety and health of the workforce. View a timeline of OSHA’s 40 year history here…

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