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ASSE 100th Anniversary Video Contest

ASSE 100th Anniversary LogoThe American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and in honor of the mark is holding a video contest. This is a video essay contest to help answer the question, “Why the World Needs More SH&E Professionals.” The goal of the videos is to explain the importance of occupational safety and health—and highlight the professionals who safeguard it each day.

We here at InjuryFree thought this would be fun and creative endeavor and a cool way to honor the ASSE and those safety and health professionals that work so hard to ensure our safety day in and day out. Below is our entry into the field, titled, “Where would we be without Safety Professionals?” We thought, what better way to show why we need more SH&E Professionals than to show what our workplaces would be like without them! Watch it below and let us know what you think, leave us a comment. And if you enjoyed it, click the “Like” button in the player!

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  1. Ryan Wilson says:

    Wow that was a really well put together video!

  2. This is fantastic! Amazing job!

    I’m a part of the CSSE in Canada. I was wondering if you would be willing to explore a Canadian version. This would be a good tool for OSH Professional Day during NAOSH Week.


    • Awesome idea! Since NAOSH week is this week, we have missed the opportunity for this year, but I will keep it in mind for next year. Thanks for the idea and feedback.

  3. Roger Hurst says:

    I would like thank all the Safety Professionals for sharing the ASSE 100th Anniversary video thankin them for a job well done. Kepp up the great work and keep them safe!

  4. […]  For ideas on what you can do to spread the word visit the NAOSH website, or visit site to see the video we did last year to thank all those that help ensure workers are safe each and every […]

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